What do Business Owners want out of a Website?

While in the process of rebuilding the old web site to this newer version I found it most challenging to work out what potential clients wish to see, how much do they need to read and what are the messages that make them wish to engage in further conversations. I must admit that we have written the site as we would like to be addressed and engaged. Most interested to hear from others on what is it that needs to be prioritise in getting your attention. We have deliberately kept away from stock photos and images that are not of us or our way we work. We hope this resonates with you.


New Look Web Site

WhiteSpaces MMS is happy to see that it's new look site is up and functional. While not completely finished we are very proud of the feel and content. Over the coming days and weeks we will be adding more and more information, tips and videos to help business owners grow and develop their businesses.

We have to say a big thank you to our technical genius Michael Boyens of Zymosis whose help has been absolutely brilliant in getting this change made.