Business Advisory:

Not all business advice is the same in content or style of delivery.  Before a business calls for help it needs to understand what is the goal or outcome that needs attention by engaging outside assistance. 

In the adjacent diagram we have mapped out the 4 different levels of advice usually sort and the style that is used to deliver the required outcome. If you need someone to do a task you are not qualified in then call for a Consultant and let them deliver the outcome. If however you need to discuss and debate seek out a mentor or coach.

At WhiteSpaces MMS we provide specialist advice in the areas of  planning and marketing activities. This is very specific and usually requires a particular problem to be fixed. Where assistance is required in mentoring or coaching owners or management  we use specialised psychometric tools that enable the individual to understand the people issues and the relationships that exist between individuals. WhiteSpaces MMS is certified in the delivery of the programs based on “The Achievement Network” and “Innermetrix Inc.” 

So what is the external advice you need? Uncertain contact us now for a free obligation discussion on what is the best direstion for your business.