Director Resume:

Roger Powell is the Director and founder of WhiteSpaces MMS. He has worked in major Australian and International corporations for 35 years and has been involved at the leading edge of developing markets and products that created value for both suppliers and consumers. His marketing knowledge from working in the B-2-B market sector has provide him with a strong understanding of segmentation principles that enable companies to find the right mix to service their customers. He has been involved in several major mergers and acquisitions and knows the issues around unlocking organisational value. 

Roger has worked in production, sales, marketing and strategic planning in a diverse range of industries covering Chemicals, Coatings, Plastics and Packaging

Working in the Global environment including Asia where cultures and traditions are different to Western approaches Roger has developed a strong insight in to multicultural markets. He has travelled the world extensively and worked in Asia, Europe and USA and has a strong understanding of the demands of different cultures and life styles. This includes living and working in China.

Roger has qualifications in Chemistry and Business Administration and has completed marketing studies at Wharton USA. He is currently the President of the Australian Marketing Institute-Victoria, a Fellow of AMI, and a Certified Practicing Marketer. When not at work Roger is a keen golfer and is a Director of Box Hill Golf Club.