• The “start up” process has been challenging, your product and services are being accepted however the business is not yet delivering a sufficient return for your efforts. 
  • The selected marketing mix involving Product,  Price, Promotion and Placement is not delivering the level of customers required to make the business self sustaining. Growth is required with new clients and existing clients need to repeat their business. 
  • Without the growth the profitability will not be forthcoming as the costs are spread across to small a sales base. 
  • Key to the question is what marketing lever is needed to  grow the business. 
  • Growing your business is a critical phase as it is at this time that most businesses get into trouble and close. Choosing the wrong direction will certainly lead to failure. Only one in 3 businesses will survive the first 3 years of trading.
  • At WhiteSpaces MMS we provide the processes and advice to assess which is the direction you need to take and at what speed making sure that expenditure is matched by income.  Helping businesses grow is our specialty so if you need to find the "whitespace" contact us at WhiteSpaces MMR.