Start Up: 


  • Starting a business can be one of the most exciting  but stressful times of a business owners life. It does not matter if it a start from a "thought bubble" or the purchase of an existing business the demands on time and the pressures on costs are intense. 
  • Critical to the establishment is the understanding of what is unique about the offering of the business.  In essence why do customers want your product and not the competition. 
  • Key to a successful start up is to understand yourself and what you bring to the business. What are the things you excel at and what are the areas you avoid and where do you need assistance 
  • At WhiteSpaces MMS our understanding of how to start a business is at our core. We specialise in finding your unique selling proposition and understanding how to convert this in to sales and finding the right approach to customers. We know the importance of structure and obtaining the expert advice to insure that the business will be able to deliver the promise both today and into the future. If you are “starting up” contact us at WhiteSpaces MMS.