Family Business Overview

To own and run a business is full of difficulties. To have family members involved, adds a further layer of complexity.  The introduction of a blood line presents real and direct problems and opportunities to a business. Whether it is in the business direction, ownership, sharing of wealth or the succession, a family business needs special advice.  This needs to be able to clearly separate out what are family issues verses the issues of running and owning a business. These matters become more complex the larger the family and the more divergent the ownership becomes over time.

At WhiteSpaces MMS we understand these issues. We ourselves are a family business therefore have the same issues and opportunities.Roger Powell has been Accredited by Family Business Australia to advise family businesses and specialises in the development of Business Plans that are tailored to address the issues encountered in family businesses and the succession planning of generational change.

To get the most out of your family business contact us now for a free session to unravel the key issues affecting the companies performance.