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 Strategic Planning:

  • In marketing and business one of the most over used words is “strategic” but it is one of the least understood.  Too often it mistaken and used around the detail and the tactical implementation of a program and not the bigger picture and longer term approach which is where strategic thought is placed.
  • At WhiteSpaces MMS we adopt an approach to Strategic Planning as the development of answers to seven key questions: 
    • Where do we want to go?
    • Where are we now?
    • How will we achieve the future? 
    • What are the missing links? 
    • What do we need to do? 
    • Who will do what? 
    • How do we measure what we are doing? 
  • This sounds simple but it works irrespective of the business. It is how you answer these questions that frame the implementation and action plans that will make the organisation successful. So if you are struggling to make sense of your strategic direction contact us now.