Why WhiteSpaces Management and Marketing Services

About Us:

WhiteSpaces Management and Marketing Services was founded in 2006. Our focus is to provide Strategic and Business Planning processes that deliver benefits to clients over both the short and longer term. But planning is only the start and initial part of our total offering; WhiteSpaces MMS actively seeks to be part of the implementation process as it is in the journey that where the greatest learnings are found and the realisation of the opportunities.


From the outset we decided that our operational model was to maintain a low cost approach to our overheads and maintain only a minimum number of direct employees. To provide advice in areas where we were not skilled, we have established a network of senior independent specialist advisers to work with our clients to ensure that the best advice is given. We believe that it is important to make use of our clients workforce and empower then with systems and processes that give ownership of outcomes which leads to sustained long term changes.


As stated previously where WhiteSpaces MMS does not have the required expertise we turn to our broad network of senior skilled independent advisers. This network includes: 

  • Institute for Independent Businesses (300 advisers in Australia),
  • Business Advisors Network, 
  • Pathways2 The Next Decade, 
  • Family Business Australia Advisors and 
  • Australian Marketing Institute - Certified Practicing Marketers. 

Terms and Conditions:

WhiteSpaces MMS operates on low overheads and have a transparent and open approach to pricing for our services. This ensures that the requirements of the task are consummate to the charge. We have a 14 day payment period from invoice. We can work by project or on an hourly basis depending on the type of activity. We will arrange and contract outside specialists when and if required.