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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything”. Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Seven Marketing Laws of Survival

 Law of Leadership

  • It is better to be FIRST than it is to be BETTER

Law of Focus 

  • The most powerful concept in marketing is OWNING a word in the prospect's MIND 

Law of Perception 

  •  Marketing is not a battle of PRODUCTS, it's a battle of PERCEPTIONS  

Law of Candor 

  • When you admit a NEGATIVE, the prospect will give you a POSITIVE

 Law of Failure 

  •  Failure is to be EXPECTED and ACCEPTED  

Law of Opposite 

  • If you are shooting for SECOND place, your strategy is determined by the LEADER 

Law of Attributes 

  • For every attribute, there is an OPPOSITE, EFFECTIVE attribute 


Free Marketing Plan

Marketing Plans:

  • Key to a growing a profitable business is to have a marketing program that finds the “sweet spot” in the required market. This is the ability to segment and niche your product offering so that it is like no other. We would define this as white space
  • These are hard to find in a highly competitive market but when you see it, it stands out. It is usually simple and somewhat obvious. 
  • However, is not only the idea but the delivery of the promise that is required for a successful campaign. The full marketing matrix has to be developed and delivered. 
  • The Marketing Plan is a component of the Business Plan and forms a integral part of the process. The measures of success are key to the programs approach and the companies profitability.
  • WhiteSpaces MMS specialises in the development of marketing programs and the implementation of these to deliver the results to make your business successful. We do not propose what cannot be delivered. That is our promise to you! So if you need to align you marketing plans with you company objectives contact us for practical and workable programs.