Code of Conduct:

WhiteSpaces Management and Marketing Services is a professional business advisory organisation and through it’s affiliations is bound by various Codes of Conduct, Ethics and Professional Integrity. These include:

  • Australian Marketing Institute – Code of Professional Conduct 

  • Family Business Australia – Code of Conduct 

  • Institute of Independent Business – Code of Ethics 

In addition we make the following pledge to all our clients, suppliers and affiliates:

  • We agree to maintain the highest degree of confidentially on information that we have been provided and will do our utmost to retain the trust and respect we have been given in the provision of this information 

  • We will provide advice in only the areas we are qualified to do so, and this advice will be provided fearlessly and without favour to a particular outcome or solution 

  • Where expertise is outside our field of excellence we will seek out other providers who are qualified in these areas and will with the clients permission engage these providers to deliver the outcome required. All outside providers will require to be accredited and be prepared to work under the same arrangements we have committed to in this pledge. 

  • We will not work in situations where a conflict of interest may arise between clients and will be upfront in advising of the potential areas of concern while retaining the required confidentially 

  • Our fees and charges will be reviewed and agreed prior to work commencing and any unforeseen costs will be approved prior to commencement 

  • On completion of an assignment all documentation provide by the client will revert to the client 

  • We will treat all clients and their employees with the respect required without bias of gender, position or ability. In return we expect clients to have the same approach to the WhiteSpaces MMS team. 

  • Finally we expect to be involved with tough decisions and difficult times in assisting business owners succeed but we will always retain a positive outlook, a friendly disposition and a sense of “can do attitude” to all the problems that are placed in front of us – we hope you can do the same!